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Our Success Stories

Bella, A Schipperke Success Story

One morning I received a call from the local pound.  "We have someone calling about wanting to give up a Schipperke.  Do you want to handle it directly/"--I was given the contact information, made the call and an appointment to pick up the dog.  We drove up to a Tudor home that was chock full of bric-a-brac but had no room for one small female dog named Bella.  She was five years-old and had been living in the garage for the last year except if it was to hot or to cold for the dogs.  Then they were permitted in and confined to the kitchen .  This was really rough on Bella.  She had been the pampered little girl of the husband's 90-year-old father.  The gentlemand had passed away the year before and had a promise from his family that they would keep Bella for a year.  I think he was hoping that they would fall in love with her and keep her.  His son did , the wife did not.  So Bella was being given over to rescue.  Obviously they had no room for a little dog because of their life style.  I almost ran out the door when the release papers were signed.  I would have taken the other dog as she was living in the same condition but, she was their pet and they would not release her.  I knew we could certainly do a better job with Bella.  She was small, sweet and desired human contact.  She lapped up the attention and never put a pretty little paw wrong. 

Bella was listed on Petfinder and no sooner did her bio go up that we received a call from Maureen and Dale Lobb.  The had a male Schipperke named Sergei.  The Lobbs drove up from Nebraska to meet Bella and sweep her into their lives.  Since, becoming a member of the Lobb Family, Bella has been a very busy girl, she passed her AKC Good Citzen test and went into training to become a therapy dog.  She has recently passed her Domesti-pup class and has begun to vist patients.  As mom says, she is touching many lives in Nebraska.

Paws up to Bella!!! Congratulations to Maureen, Dale and Sergei for all the hard work and success.


This is Bitsie, decked all out in her beautiful necklace of tags.  He first owner was a Grandmother who probably over spoiled and undertrained.  When she nipped at her grandchildren she had to go.  Her second home was just too busy for her to feel comfortable.  She now is living with Jerry, a Schipperke Lover from way back.  Jerry has another male Schip, a 12 yr old Puggle and a medium size Schip/something mix.  She has taken over the bed he got for her and drags it all over the house. All four dogs sleep in the bed with him.  Every evening they all sit on the couch and have "choir practice".  She is learning how to sing along with the rest of the crew.  We get updates and Jerry truly loves this gal.


The Exploits of Beri

 Beri is a 10 year old female with a long story.  She was originally in a rescue up around Lake Superior – this rescuer only kept small dogs with physical conditions such as missing a leg.  She and a buddy were accepted by Midwest Schipperke Rescue but because of her location it took almost 4 months of very hard work to get her close enough to pick her up and when I did get her – I was very scared for her.  I could feel her heart pounding in her chest.   She was quickly evaluated and it was found that she needed heart surgery, NOW, NOT IN A FEW WEEKS OR DAYS or she would die.  She was only a year old.  With the skilled assistance of Howard and Mary Cox she was sent to the University of MI vet clinic for just that.  While that was happening, a lovely woman was interested in adopting her,  this discussion was quickly stopped when she decided that she wasn’t quite ready to get another Schip – she was still grieving the loss of her other Schip.  Beri underwent her heart surgery and recovered over a period of about 6 months.  At about that point Mary Cox told me Beri was recovered and now ready for adoption.  The next day I got a phone call from that same woman – she was now ready for another dog and by the way how was Beri doing?  Beri had a new home which lasted for almost 10 years!!  Last fall, the owner took a fall and was unable to continue to care for Beri  and she  wanted to return her– Beri turned ten and has come full circle.  She is living with the Mitchells who first rescued her.


UPDATE 12/16:  Beri never left our home.  She was a happy little lady and got along really well with her brothers and sisters.  Beri passed away 11/11/16.   

Beri at a year old.


Rescuing Kenya (Kendra)

Kenya came to Midwest Schipperke Rescue from a breeding situation.  She probably spent her early years outside and had never really been socialized.  She was coming here as her second home within the rescue.  She was between 5 and 7 years old and very petite.  She was shy, and every little noise would send her scuttling into as deep a corner as she could find.  She would never be found out in the room but would stay out of sight.  If we let her outside, she stayed there.  We had to keep a long lead on her so we could coax her back into the house.  She often used the water bowl as a pool.  Any dog that approached her could take things away from her.  She had not had toys and had no idea how to play. 


She was, however, endearing and gutsy with a determined gleam in her eye.  She was basically a gentle dog who was not given the advantages others were given. We worked with her first on how to get along in the pack and housebreaking.  She proved to be intelligent and learned quickly what was acceptable.  She did not want to be handled – she would bark at anyone who walked toward her.  She very slowly saw the good side to allowing people to pick her up, pet her and sometimes even brush her.  She also saw the advantages to living inside – it was warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  She now makes sure she gets close to a heating or air conditioning duct before everyone else.  It has taken a lot of time and patience, baby steps to get her to lay down inside with us when we watch TV.  She now picks up and tosses small stuffed toys.  She will even show her teeth and give a slight grr when she objects to having a toy stolen.   We knew we were accepted and important to her last week when she voluntarily came down the basement steps to join us as we did laundry, watch TV and clean the basement.  She walked around for a while then just laid down and took a nap while the crazy humans worked.


Last year Kendra had to have both her left and right rear ACL’s repaired.  Both of these surgeries required 10-week recovery periods during which she allowed us to pick her up and carry her around.  She was not to go up/down stairs or walk much more than to go to the bathroom.  She really had to rely on her human friends to get around, sometimes to even stand.  She gets around pretty well now and we are all looking forward to her working up to a quick jog or maybe even a run in the back yard.


Kendra will probably never be adoptable – it would shake her world to much and take a long time to adapt to a new family but she was rescued and given the chance to be Kendra, a silly little dog with great family who loves her very much.

This is Kit


This is Kit.  He was a stray in a shelter south of the Detroit area.  The shelter worker we have worked with before thought he might have some Schip in him.  He is about as big as a Norwegian Elkhound and really may not have any Schip in him at all.  He went into foster care in Mid Michigan but he was really too big for the way the foster home was set up.  He could do the doggie door and go up and down the ramp in and out and he was good on walks.  But he was just too big for the foster mom to deal with. Luckily she had an old high school friend who needed a dog so he had an excuse to go walking and have someone to take care of so he had a purpose in life.  He and Kit got along really well and it was love at first meeting.  And the shelter is really happy for the good ending for this boy.


This is Samwise.  Samwise originally came from a shelter in Northern Michigan.  He was adopted by a couple, then moved to Missouri,  After a few years both owners passed away within weeks of each other.  So their daughter brought him back to Michigan.  He lived in foster care there for a year before he was moved to foster care near Chicago because he was getting too settled in.  Along the way, Dave (who had adopted two other girls from Midwest) made several comments about considering adopting him if he felt he could handle 3 dogs (without a fenced yard though his folks live a few blocks away and the dogs go there for exercise).  We think Sam was just waiting for Dave to adopt him as we had no one ever interested in adopting him.  Now Dave is a Star Wars fanatic so his first dog is Princess Leah. Then along came Samwise from Lord of the Rings - his other favorite.  So what better home.  Jasmine is his third dog and she does not fit into either of his interests - but she does just fine.  She and Sam play all the time and Leah just watches them be crazy.  It was a perfect ending for Samwise's long road to his forever home,

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