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Michelle Duke

Leeann Lashbrook

Tani Mann

Jeanne Tondryk

Sherry Markel

Robert & Marianne Litznerski

John Meredith

Kristin Leindecker

Joseph Johnson

Marisa Ciceran

M.T. Harris

Julia Sadler

Don & Sharon Ruffatto in memory of Geri Baxter

Joan in honor of Maxwell

Becky Leair on behalf of Teddy
Melanie Coronetz
Malisa Ciceran
David Johnson & Susan Bentrup Johnson on behalf of Cocoa
Stella Wheeler in memory of Stan Wheeler
Carol Burnett
Rodney & Michelle Duke 
 Al & Lynn Pietold in memory of Tazz & Bruin 
2016 Valdosta Schipnick headed by Barb Lewis  
Janet Kennedy  

                 In Memory

Ncole Curry for "Bolt" aka Patrick 

Julie Long in memory of Vinnie

Joseph & Janet Vandervest in memory of Inky Dinky.

Bob & Pat Sirbaugh-In memory of Ruffles

Al & Lynn Pietzold- In memory of Tazz(2/27/1990) and Bruin (11/27/1992-4/1/2006)

John Meredith- In memory of Arcturus

Al & Lynn Pietzold In memory of Tazz (1990-2005 ) and Bruin (1993-2006).

Sandy King- In memory of Sandevil's Keep Your Eye On Me

Shirley Sullivan - In loving memory of Julie, Wyndsong Queeny V.D. Wellhaven 1996-2011

Viki Maher- In memory of AWOL, Kelly, Shorty, Kerby, Phantom, and all the others

Al and Pat Mitchell- In loving memory of Babette Mitchell

Mark Rossignaol Family- In Loving memory of Shadow 1999-2011 Her last three years as a foster, we will miss you.

Bethany Gilley in memory of Sparrow

Audrey & Joe Bello - in memory of Joann & Mary a donation for Miss Smokey's care

 Jean Ping & Wanza Rowe - in Memory of Mary Morse & Joanne Bristol for giving Miss Smokey a good place to spend her last days

 Carol & RIchard Poncy - In memory of my cousin Joanne Bristol, a kind, loving individual

 Paula Sawyer - In  memory of Joanne Bristol and Mary Morse and for giving such good care to their beloved dog Miss Smokey

 Elizabeth Shope - in memory of Joanne Bristol and the care Midwest took care of Miss Smokey during her last months.


                    In Honor


Cassie Miller, in honor of Brenda Boell for bringing Miss Lucy to us.

Dale  Lobb, in honor of Pat & Al Mitchell and all the people at Midwest Schipperke Rescue, bella sends her love! 

Mary Harris, in celebration of the birth of 4 puppies to Miri  

Jan Sangerozan and her Schipperke MIki

Norma Piggott for her devotion to the breed

Tom Beard (Trucker driver for rescue) and my dog Butch from Deb Ernst

Rick Nappier for helping with a friend's vet bills

Bruce & Geri Baxter for Beri

James & Jeanette Larwson for Skippy with the broken leg

Travis & Tommie Lewis for donating to Skipper's medical care

Cheryl Murphy-Lambert for Kramer & Skipper

The family who surrendered Dudley

Kathy Wagenr for Skipper's recovery

Terry Beaver for Molly

Joan Schuitema for Cindy

Helen Kuitzer for Nandi & Tinker

Martin Meissac for Scrappy

Mary for being a friend to the Schipperkes from Jan S. and Miki

Kristen Henry - In honor of the Schipperke Strut

Becky Leair in honor of Teddy
Julia Long in memory of Vinnie
Lori Perna in honor of Ms Lois Buhr & her beloved Lola


Midwest Schipperke Rescue  2766 Heathfield Bloomfield, MI 48301  (248)644-7876

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