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Just For Seniors!
The Purple Pillow Society is for Schipperkes who are over the age of 8 and have been placed with Midwest Schipperke Rescue.  These dogs are available for virtual adoption
 as well as physical adoption. 
What is a virtual adoption?
A virtual adoption is for folks who would love to have dog in their life but, for whatever reason they are not able to.  These folk as well as anyone who would like to help out an older Schipperke can look though our members of the Purple Pillow Society. If one touches your heart you can do a virtual adoption simply by clicking on the donate button and make a donation to your virtual dog's care.  That money will be ear marked for that special dog's care.  You will receive a picture of your virtual dog as well as their complete story.  Then quarterly you will receive a personal letter from your dog with an update on what is happening in his/her life.  You can make an annual or monthly donation toward your virtual dog.






Midwest Schipperke Rescue  2766 Heathfield Bloomfield, MI 48301  (248)644-7876

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